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CE marking and labelling

CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of relevant directives. The marking is obligatory, and it shall be affixed to products if this is required by the relevant directive. Other products shall not be labelled with a CE marking. There are more than 20 directives requiring a CE marking. CE marking shall be attached to e.g. machinery, electric appliances, toys, personal protective equipment, and pressure equipment.

In addition to requirements concerning the product, the directives include requirements on the attestation of conformity. Certain products shall, for example, be tested before affixing the CE marking.

CE marking for construction products deviates from that of other products. For construction products, the CE marking does not necessarily guarantee that all regulations have been met. Users of construction products shall ensure that the CE marking details prove that the product meets the minimum requirements set by authorities for their intended use. Further information on CE marking for construction products is available on hEN Helpdesk.

Instructions for using the CE marking can be found in appropriate directives, and general instructions on the marking are included in EU Regulation 765/2008 Article 30, and decision 768/2008/EC.

There are several ways to apply for a CE marking to a product covered by a directive. In some instances the manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity is sufficient, whereas sometimes a third party (Notified Body) has to be involved. Notified Bodies operating in Finland are associated with New Approach Directives.


European Standards Organizations develop standards under a mandate given by EU and EFTA in order to facilitate the manufacturing of products complying with directives. In Finland, Finnish Standards Association implements these standards as SFS-EN standards.

More information on the New Approach, Global Approach, CE marking etc. can be found e.g. on the web page of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.