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Many ways to obtain standards

National SFS standards

SFS standards are available in print and as PDF files

  • as single publications from our customer service or SFS webshop
  • by a standing order either via the ONLINE service or for distribution in a company's intranet.

Just the standard you need

You can order SFS standards as single publications according to your needs. PDF files of SFS standards are delivered by e-mail or on CD-ROMs. They can be used on three workstations. In addition, you can order a standard collection to your company intranet for four years at a time.

Standards are available for orders from the SFS webshop 24 hours a day. All currently valid SFS standards are listed at the webshop. You can download most SFS standards to your computer right after purchase.

Standing order keeps you up to date

A standing order ensures that your collection of standards is always up to date. SFS sends you the latest publications whenever the collection is updated. You can get a standing order according to the topics based on the SFS-ICS groups, and the subscription can include

  • standards in print
  • standards as PDF files, for three workstations
  • SFS handbooks.



SFS ONLINE service keeps your collection up to date and standards are always available to be used online. SFS maintains your standards collection on your behalf. You can choose which SFS-ICS groups or individual standards are included in your standards collection. Translated versions and English versions of SFS standards and ISO standards can be added to the service.

Handy handbooks

SFS handbooks combine standards in a specific field with other relevant information. Handbooks are supplied in print, but some are also available as PDF files. Electric handbooks are also available. In addition to standards, they contain other useful information and links on the topic. These can be purchased on CD-ROM or USB flash drive. An electric handbook is easy to use and there is no need to install it separately.

Standards from all over the world

Standards from other countries and other technical publications are available for orders from our Customer service, either as single publications or as a standing order. For example ISO, DIN, SIS, JIS and GOST standards are also available as PDF files.


Furthermore, ISO standards can be purchased in print or as PDF files for one workstation. ISO standards are available for orders from the SFS webshop 24 hours a day. All currently valid standards are listed at the webshop. Most ISO standards are ready to be downloaded right after purchase. In addition, you can make an SFS ONLINE agreement for ISO standards, which means your collection of standards is always up to date.


SFS customer service is happy to help

You can ask for more information from SFS customer service by phone, +358 9 1499 3353, or by e-mail, sales@sfs.fi.

SFS Shop for standards


International Organization for Standardization

European Committee for Standardization