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Services for SMEs

SFS supports SMEs' participation in standardization, as well as the use of standards in SMEs, in several ways. Most Finnish enterprises are SMEs. Therefore, SFS prepares its products and services in a way to accommodate the needs of SMEs.

Anyone is welcome to visit SFS library in Helsinki and view standards free of charge. SFS library is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. SFS Information service gives guidance to customers at the library. Information service is also available by phone. SFS standards can be found in other libraries as well.

Many ways to obtain standards

SFS standards, SFS handbooks, ISO standards, other international standards and handbooks, and guides and other publications can be purchased from SFS. SFS standards are available in print, as PDF files, or via the ONLINE service. The scopes of SFS standards are freely accessible at the SFS webshop.

Translating standards into Finnish is of great importance to SFS. Therefore a large number of commonly used and implemented European standards have been published in Finnish as well. Approximately one fifth of new SFS standards are published in Finnish on a yearly basis. To promote the use of standards, standards are also published as SFS handbooks that can be purchased as package deals. The handbooks contain collections of standards from different fields. The topics vary from documentation to managing an organization and quality, and from civil engineering to electrotechnics and welding.

SFS publishes brochures and practical guides (e.g. SI Guide, ISO 9000 for SMEs) on standards from different fields. These brochures and guides are especially intended for SMEs. SFS and its standards writing bodies organize launch events for new standards of particular interest in order to make them more familiar.

Participating in standardization – Participate, monitor, influence

Participation in standardization is open to all interested parties. Viewing draft standards is possible free of charge during the national enquiry. Anyone can participate in developing standards.  Finland has a decentralized standardization system in which SFS has distributed the responsibility for developing standards among 12 external standards writing bodies according to their field of operation. SFS itself develops standards for specific wide-ranging fields that cover topics relevant to many industries.

At present, most of the standards in preparation are either European or international, but some Finnish SFS standards are developed as well. The national work programme including contact information is available on the SFS web page.

Professional, commercial and industrial organizations are actively involved in SFS's operations, informing their members, mainly SMEs, about standards development and new standards.

The SFS web site offers new and existing customers a wealth of information on SFS's activities.