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Standards adopted as Finnish national standards are mainly European or International Standards. In such cases the standard has been drafted by technical committees or working groups of CEN (the European Committee for Standardization) or ISO (the International Organization for Standardization).

Each CEN or ISO committee has a representative in Finland in one of the standards writing bodies of SFS. Contact this person if you want to participate in standardization in that specific field. This contact person may also provide you with draft standards that are at the enquiry stage.

The Finnish representatives may be contacted via the standards writing body responsible for the committee in question or via SFS Information service, tel. +358 9 1499 3455, email


CEN technical committees for which SFS is responsible

SFS is responsible for the secretariat of CEN/TC 343 Solid recovered fuels. In addition, the standards writing bodies of SFS are responsible for the secretariats of several committees' working groups.

CEN/TC 343

The committee's secretariat is under the responsibility of SFS ( CEN/TC 343 develops standards on solid recovered fuels. Founded on the initiative of Finland and operating under a mandate given by the European Union, the committee first developed technical specifications on solid recovered fuels. Subsequently, some of these technical specifications have been turned into EN standards.

The chair of the committee is Mikko Talola and the secretary is Eija Mäkinen.