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How can I participate?

If you wish to influence and participate in standardization activities, please contact SFS or a standards writing body representing your field. SFS and its standards writing bodies establish mirror committees and technical committees in fields relevant to stakeholders. SFS has standardization groups operating in, for example, environmental and quality management, information technology, fire safety, metrology, toys, and packaging.

Anyone interested in monitoring standardization in a specific field and influencing the contents of future standards may join a technical committee or a mirror committee.

The aim is to have wide-ranging expertise and representation from different stakeholders and industries in technical committees and mirror committees.

Benefits arising from a membership in a technical committee or a mirror committee include the following:

  • acquiring up-to-date information on European and international standardization

  • acquiring advance information on future work items and standards under preparation

  • possibility to influence the standards' contents at different stages of their development

  • right to participate in CEN and ISO working groups and their international meetings

  • networking with experts in the field.

If you are interested in joining a committee or a mirror committee, or you are looking for further information on their activities, please contact us!

Our groups are Finnish equivalents to European and international committees and their working language is Finnish. IT standardization operates as a separate unit within SFS.

It is possible to access SFS standards distributed for enquiry and comment on them in the SFS Comment Portal.