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26550 seminar 2013

The current status and future directions of

Software and systems product line engineering and management standards

How to shorten the cycle time of new product development and simultaneously improve product quality and reduce the total resources required?

The ISO/IEC 26550:2013 standard on product line engineering and management helps organizations to overcome above-mentioned challenges. The standard also establishes a baseline for academic research in the field.

In their presentations, Dr. Timo Käkölä and Dr. Dan Lee, the main authors of the standard, outline the standard, the ways of applying it into practice and an agenda for future standardization efforts.  The seminar participants can sign up for an informal advisory group, which will be formed to provide input for the product line standardization initiatives.

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Time: Monday 28th October, 2013, at 9–12.30

Venue: SFS Meeting Centre, Malminkatu 34, Kamppi, Helsinki (map)

Registration: Please registrate by email to The seminar is free of charge.


Introduction to ISO/IEC 26550:2013  Software and systems engineering -- Reference model for product line engineering and management

Dr. Timo Käkölä, University of Jyväskylä

Industrial needs and future plans for ISO/IEC standardization initiatives in software and systems product line engineering and management

Dr. Dan Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Open discussion on the industrial needs and future plans for standardization of software and systems product line engineering and management.


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